the dark lens – cedric delsaux


combine two of my favourite things, great photographs and star wars and your in with an instant sure fire hit, well to me you are.

thats exactly what french photographer cedric delsaux did with his trilogy of photo sets known collectively as dark lens. over several years he took photographs in paris, lille and dubai, the combined his pictures of urban areas, contruction sites, delsolate environments and broken down buildings with iconic elements from the star wars franchise, cedric has created an absolutely stunning collection.

seeing how easily these two worlds collide fills me with so much excitement, i feel like a kid again dreaming that the ships and characters from the movies i grew up in awe of could in fact be a reality… maybe some day in a galaxy not to far away, who knows?

i could keep inserting images but why not go on over to his website and see them in full hi resolution glory

and i resisted the urge to finish by saying “may the force be with you”

Dave Kiely

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