olly moss: red, black and retro

while roaming around the vast internets you sometimes stumble on a complete gem, being a graphic designer alot of times i end up spending hours scolling through portfolios and galleries of other designers usually with my jaw wide open thinking why the hell didnt i think of that. this was one of those times.
olly moss is a graphic designer and illustrator born in the uk 1987, his films in black and red series and his retro video game covers are what caught my eye initially.  with his black and reds he creates movie posters using… black and red, pulling a single iconic element out of the film and recreating it using bold solid imagery and negative space
and then we have his retro video game covers, done using, once again solid colours and clever imagery all with a retro twist heading.
the greatness behind these pieces of art is that they are based on something you could have looked at 1000 times or more, its the simplicity of them. much more can be found at his website here or at his flickr page here.
to wet your appetite even more hers a few more of pieces from his site. enjoy.
Dave Kiely


  1. Lovely stuff.

    Though sometimes designers develop a single style and then apply it to everything if it's appropriate or not – for instance the game posters are very clever but would bomb as actual box art.

    Unless, of course, you get to the god status of someone like David Carson then you can sit back and relax and do everything in your one style as that's what people are coming to you for!

    Nice find.

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