jim denevan – sand art


we’ve all been to the beach and drawn in the sand, but this guy takes that idea to a whole other level.
created using nothing but a stick and pure imagination jim denevan has taken sand art and reinvented it, all his pieces are done free hand using no measuring devices, each piece can take several hours and see him covering distances up to 30 miles.
each if these pieces is truely magnificent, and sand isn’t jim’s only canvas, he has been known to work on sand, earth and ice and currently (i think) holds the record for the largest piece of art, when he created this piece in nevada, although the elements and vehicle tracks have since covered up the piece.
this is the thing with all jim’s artwork, they are all at the mercy of the elements and are all only ever exist for a small amount of time, which makes them all the more special.
jim is also the founder and organizer of a worldwide movable feast call “outstanding in the field” who’s mission is to “re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it.”  billed as a restaurant without walls and from the look of these pictures, it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.
jims official website can be found here
outstanding in the field website can be found here
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Dave Kiely

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