the skeletons of dead media

you may recall i once posted about an erika iris simmons set on flickr called ghost in the machine, which used old tapes to create amazing portraits of famous people, you can see the post here, well it seems erika isn’t the only one to find amazing uses for old cassettes. an atlanta based, chicago born artist by the name of brian dettmer has taken old cassettes and given them a new lease of death, so to speak. check these out.

without using any glue or other materials, brian melts and moulds these old cassettes using only his hands and a few other tools, taking this dead form of media and sculpting it into literal skeletons. apparently inspired by seeing a dead bird whilst walking down the street one day, he stated “here was this thing that used to live, it used to fly around and play a vital role, and now it is dead and all that remains is the solid material”, brian took this idea linking the life of the cassette to that of the animals and created this series of skeletons.
following on from the animal skeletons, brian created 12 skulls which lead to perhaps the most impressive skeleton he created, a the full human skeleton created using over 180 tapes
this are all incredible, this attention to detail is brilliant and all created from only old cassette tapes, my mind is completely blown, it makes you look at the things surrounding you now, what will become of them, what will they become.
you can find out more about brian at his website here
Dave Kiely


  1. too true mate, its amazing to think that these now defunct items where once at the forefront of new media technology, and yeah one day maybe the iphone will end up in a similar way

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